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Sexy Stories From the Book: Dirty Roulette

“Dirty Roulette: Girl Chat” is a wildly enjoyable erotic interactive chat book that caters to all the sexual fantasies of women who love the thrill of dirty talking. I’ve got to say that after having read this book, I did feel as though I had met someone new in the bedroom! The author Mary Ellen Scott has put together an extraordinary collection of stories that are both sensual and arousing and have been designed to add spice to any sex life.

Contains so many different types of sexual fantasies

Contains so many different types of sexual fantasies

The first story in the book is called, “The Sexual Misadventures of Joanna Smith”. It contains so many different types of sexual fantasies for the male that the readers will not be able to get enough. Readers will find that they are given detailed descriptions of a very hot and steamy encounter, as well as the descriptions of what a woman might do if given the opportunity to tell him what he wanted to hear about her sex life.

Other stories are entitled “Fright Night: First Time”, “First Fuck”Foreplay Preparation”. Every reader will be left with a very good idea of what a woman wants out of a sexual experience. In each story, you’ll find a naughty scenario that each can enjoy.

Megan finds herself falling for a man that she met online. It’s a very happy and exciting ending for her because she found the perfect person for her in that very intimate setting. She also learned that men are turned on by similar female attractions. Readers can certainly enjoy knowing that there are people out there that are looking for such great romance and hot sex, and that it can be found in books like “Dirty Roulette: Girl Chat”.

Naughty things happen in the story

Naughty things happen in the story

Several other naughty things happen in the story and, if you can imagine them, you’d be quite amazed at what women are into. For example, a blonde lady wants to know where to find the best lingerie and can’t wait to experience the pleasure of wearing something that she thinks is naughty and exciting. She knows how much of a turn on she is and begins to experiment with what she might wear while talking dirty to her man.

Readers can discover that just talking dirty is a tremendous turn on for most women, even if they are asexual and don’t really understand what erotic things are used in conversation or dirty talk. Women are turned on when they hear men talking dirty and imagining themselves doing them.

This book, along with several others in the Dirty Roulette series, has proved to be a big hit with women and other couples alike. Not only is it fun, it’s also incredibly sensual and exciting. “Dirty Roulette: Girl Chat” is recommended for readers of all ages and ability levels, as it is a completely sensual, sensual book that is sure to please.

Great that you are able to listen to “Dirty Roulette

Great that you are able to listen to "Dirty Roulette

In order to access the pages of “Dirty Roulette: Girl Chat”, you will need to register and be able to enter your credit card details. Once your details are entered, a fun, interactive video will be sent to you. You can then play this video during your free time, if you wish, without ever leaving your home.

It’s also great that you are able to listen to “Dirty Roulette: Girl Chat” by downloading a MP3 version of the audio book in MP3 format. I listened to it in the car as we drove around the place and didn’t miss a single one of the stories. I was too engrossed in the stories to notice that my partner was reading.

In summary, this book gives you many ideas of what you might find in your own sex life, in a non-conventional way. It also gives you an opportunity to learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes in a way that you never could before.